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  • jobs of the future

    Will Will the Jobs of the Future Look Like?

    It seems clear that the workplaces of today and tomorrow aren’t your father’s workplace. Even as recent as the disruptions of the global pandemic, workplaces needed to adapt to be nimble, remote, and flexible. But what’s next? Check out some of the trends of the jobs of the future in the visual deep dive below: […]

  • facial recognition time tracking

    How to Perform Seamless Time Tracking Through Facial Recognition

    In a hybrid of fully virtual work environment, technology needs to keep up in order to keep the organization running smoothly. One such area of focus is time tracking. Advances have been made in facial recognition software for time tracking – see how your company can benefit in the infographic below: Source:

  • guide to bedding

    The Ultimate Guide to Bedding: Improve Your Sleep

    If you are barely getting through the workday, there‚Äôs a likely culprit: poor and duration of sleep. With all of the stresses put upon you, you deserve the rest that your body and mind needs to be at its best. Discover the options available to you in the guide to bedding in the infographic below, […]

  • color psychology

    How is Color Psychology Used in Marketing?

    When we look in the world around us, a variety of color combinations can be found everywhere. This is also true when it comes to marketing and branding your company. Learn how the psychology of color in marketing is used properly in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of LUXURYSOCALREALTY: Source:LUXURYSOCALREALTY

  • digital agency

    How to Scale Digital Agency Growth

    It takes a special kind of leader to be able to catapult a fledgling company into its latter growth stages. Do you have what it takes to achieve truly scalable digital agency growth? Chances are, you may be missing a few key components toward your growth strategy. Learn more about some helpful tips on how […]

  • gold and inflation

    How Gold Can Help You Hedge Against Inflation

    No matter which way you spin it, inflation in the USA is becoming of great concern. As the fed raises rates and the stock market is heading in a downward direction, where is there to turn? Learn how gold is often used to hedge against inflation in the following infographic from the United States Gold […]

  • future of work and web3

    What Does Web3 Have in Store for the Future of Work?

    If we’ve learned one thing throughout the pandemic, the ways of the world of work will likely never be the same. Many are quitting their one-time “safe” jobs in favor of the gig economy and self-employment. The fate of the self-sovereign worker is before us. Many of us may have the highly skilled talents of […]

  • live video

    How Your Business Can Benefit From Live Video

    Maybe you’re the type of business person that thinks that you weren’t made out for video. Perhaps you think that you need it to be picture perfect and studio quality. While these elements are of some importance, there’s hope: many customers love live video. The power of being real and in the moment resonates with […]

  • infection control

    Infection Prevention Control in Nursing Homes

    Did you ever wonder why during the height of the pandemic that healthcare workers in hospitals were touted as front line heroes, while nursing home workers were looked at derisively? It’s time to change the paradigm and celebrate healthcare workers in nursing homes as well. Skilled nursing facilities need support, and part of this is […]

  • finding a perfect audience

    Finding a Perfect Audience Using Social Media Advertising

    Your audience is out there, waiting to discover you. The question is: do you know how and where to find them? Instead of jumping head first into spending far too much in social media ads, learn more about the preferences and sensitivities of your target audience. Learn more about finding a perfect audience in the […]