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  • live video

    How Your Business Can Benefit From Live Video

    Maybe you’re the type of business person that thinks that you weren’t made out for video. Perhaps you think that you need it to be picture perfect and studio quality. While these elements are of some importance, there’s hope: many customers love live video. The power of being real and in the moment resonates with […]

  • Best books for starting a business

    Best Books for Anyone Starting a Business

    When it comes to starting a business, there’s a lot to know. The best book for starting a business can help you get started. But no one business book covers it all. From writing your business plan, to budgeting, managing staff, or changing your habits for success, there’s a business book out there for you. […]

  • infection control

    Infection Prevention Control in Nursing Homes

    Did you ever wonder why during the height of the pandemic that healthcare workers in hospitals were touted as front line heroes, while nursing home workers were looked at derisively? It’s time to change the paradigm and celebrate healthcare workers in nursing homes as well. Skilled nursing facilities need support, and part of this is […]

  • How to Boost Your Confidence at Work to Get Ahead

    It’s all too easy to let your confidence get dented but it’s not good when it happens. Why? Confidence has a huge part to play in the way that your career develops. When you feel confident and have a strong sense of self-belief, it’s been demonstrated that you more likely to set and attain goals. […]

  • To PayPal or Not to PayPal?

    This is a guest post by TransFS’s Stella Fayman. PayPal is an extraordinarily powerful tool which lets business owners accept payments with ease. PayPal manages over 184 million accounts worldwide, making it the dominant force in payments acceptance. PayPal Pros 1. Pricing PayPal uses straightforward flat-rate pricing which makes it better than many merchants which […]

  • Digital Workspaces: What’s Next in the Future of Work

    Now that so many employees in the workforce have received their first real shot at remote work, many are hesitant to return to business as usual. The workforce has been disrupted but good, but is it for the best? There are many failures showing up in virtual environments and workers need a more natural and […]

  • 15 Awesomely Geeky Laptop Bags

    15 Awesomely Geeky Laptop Bags

    Looking for the perfect laptop bag to express your unique style or areas of interest around the office, your home, or in your next business meeting? These days, it’s no longer an insult to be called a geek. To this end, we selected truly one-of-a-kind laptop bags, including laptop sleeves and shoulder, tote, and messenger […]